The Friends of the Mount Royal Cemetery helps preserve and promote the tremendous natural and historical treasure that the Mount Royal Cemetery has become since its founding in 1852.

Although Mount Royal cemetery remains a very active cemetery today it has become part of our heritage since its founding in 1852. Its beautiful landscape and relics from the past make it a peaceful haven for many visitors and houses treasures of art and architecture which are reminders of the past and should be preserved for the benefit of all.

Cemetery management made the commitment many years ago to offer burial sites in perpetuity; however certain aspects of the cemetery are not included with perpetual care. Monuments for instance are the responsibility of the families who own the burial rights. How can we care for those monuments if we have lost track of the families who have owned them for over a century? How can we beautify the flora and make it a better place for the fauna that choose it for their habitat?  How can we inform the general public about everything the cemetery has to offer?

The Friends of the Mount Royal Cemetery is a charitable entity which was formed in 1998 to answer all these concerns and more through fundraising campaigns, free annual activities for the public and specific projects pertaining to the preservation of the site.

Since 2000, it has raised funds for projects which pursue its objectives of preservation and promotion of Mount Royal Cemetery through a wide variety of restoration projects and educational activities. After its first 10 years of operations, the Friends of the Mount Royal Cemetery has collected close to $400,000 in donations. We deeply appreciate the support we have received to achieve our goals to preserve and promote through the numerous projects as indicated below.